List of members

Library supporters in the European Parliament


Eva Maydell

Bulgaria, EPP

Eva Maydell is a Bulgarian Member of European Parliament for the EPP group.  Eva stands for quality education, entrepreneurship and technology – all areas which can be enriched through leveraging Europe’s public libraries.  A longstanding library champion in the European Parliament and in her home country, Eva believes that public libraries are a vital space for social contact and knowledge. In her upcoming mandate in the ITRE committee, she is determined to get libraries involved in crucial policy debates on research, digital skills and even artificial intelligence.

“Modern libraries are on a mission, so am I – to create the opportunities for the people to never stop seeking better knowledge, skills and new horizons where they can realise their talents. This is why I accepted to co-chair the MEP Library Lovers Group, because I believe that our communities are stronger when the access to knowledge is open to all.”

Brando Benifei

Italy, S&D

Brando Benifei is an Italian Member of European Parliament for the S&D group. Brando fights for a truly social Europe, defending the rights of workers, migrants, children and the disabled, as well as for digital and social innovation.  Brando is determined to continue working with libraries across Europe and especially in Italy to achieve these goals – not least as part of his work in the IMCO committee, supporting libraries to create socially and digitally inclusive communities.