Generation Code: Born at the Library – the interactive exhibition showcasing the top innovative digital exhibits from public libraries across the EU is back at the European Parliament on October, 9th during EU Code Week!


The exhibition will be at the European Parliament Library all day, with the following programme:


Interactive digital exhibition 10:00-17:30

Meet & Greet with your librarian 12:30-14:30 (Tractor bar, 3rd floor)

VIP cocktail reception 18:00

     Speakers include:
                     ■ Esther de Lange, MEP host of Generation Code
                     ■ Tibor Navracsics,Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
                     ■ Katerina Havrlant, Director of Grow with Google
                     ■ Loida Garcia Febo, President of the American Library Association


The exhibition exploring how future technologies are interacting with libraries across Europe will be hosted  by MEP Library Lover Esther de Lange and co-hosted by MEP Library Lovers Antanas Guoga, Catherine Stihler, Eva Maydell, Michal Boni, Sean Kelly and Julia Reda.


Unbeknown to many, Europe’s 65,000 public libraries are a uniquely accessible space for users (both children and adults) to improve their digital skills. In the EU, over 2,3 million people a year attend a digital literacy course in their library, learning anything from basic digital skills to coding. It is a time for celebrating the amazing work that public libraries do every day in filling the digital gap of our communities.


Join and explore the exciting world of coding, robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality and much more with fun activities that simulate the daily work of public libraries in introducing people to new technologies!