Generation Code: Born at the Library is back!

Generation Code: Born at the Library – the interactive exhibition showcasing the top innovative digital exhibits from public libraries across the EU – is back!

During EU Code Week, on 17-18 October at the European Parliament (Brussels), come and discover cutting-edge technology fresh from the EU libraries that will leave you flabbergasted! This year’s theme is “Smart Cities, Smart Citizens, Smart Libraries” – looking at how future technologies are interacting with libraries across Europe. The exhibition will take place in the 1G balcony area.


Generation Code postcard

Maydell63-1You will be welcomed to the exhibition by Robot Zora and Robot Norma, from MuntPunt library in Belgium and DOKK1 library in Denmark, with whom you can make friends.

You will also have the chance to be teleported to ancient Greece and chat with Pythagoras, thanks to the Virtual Reality Time Portal from the National Library of Lithuania.

If you have never tried 3D printing, this is the time to do so, thanks to the device brought by the Stadtbibliothek in Cologne, maybe with the plastic filaments recycled by the Smart Cycler bike from the Dutch Frysk Lab.

The exhibition will be launched on Tuesday 17 October by Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Affairs, our host Agnes Jongerius MEP, Gerald Leitner, Secretary-General of IFLA and Piotr Pluta, Director Corporate Affairs of CISCO systems.

You can get a hint of who will be there by browsing the map here below:

More details to come soon. Stay tuned!