Learn more about this new exciting project of the MEP Library Lovers!

Across Europe – libraries and reading agencies run creative and stimulating programmes to get kids on summer holidays (and their parents!) to take advantage of the long summer days and get some serious reading done. Research shows that kids who read over the summer boost their skills ready to go back to school for the autumn term. Kids who don’t read over the summer have more difficulties in re-connecting with the school programme on their return. Libraries offer special reading apps for the summer, book clubs and other programmes that stimulate and sustain a love of reading.

MEPs from the MEP Library Lovers Group will share what their recommended reading will be over the summer for kids and adults alike.

From Copenhagen to Bucharest – let’s share the MEP Library Lovers’ love for books!

From the latest crime thriller you just couldn’t put down, to a classic piece of literature from your home country, let us know you reading recommendations! 60 Books for the Summer will have something for all tastes.
Pick 3 books (or more) that are:

  • Fiction or non-fiction
  • Contemporary or classic
  • From your home country
  • From another European country, helping share a new culture
  • Tomes or quick reads
  • Something you’ve read 100 times or something you’ve always been meaning to read

The door is wide open!

The 60 Books for the Summer reading list will be made up of recommendations from MEP Library Lovers Group members, curated by a panel of Europe’s leading library experts.

The results will be launched at the European Parliament Library in Brussels on June 6th (save already the date!), with a unique cocktail event and reception featuring guest authors from across Europe. Information will be shared about how these books are available to citizens in Member States – are they still in circulation? Translated? Available at the library as an e-book? The event will also launch the 60 Books for the Summer dedicated website, where the public can learn about their MEPs favourite books, and be inspired to read the titles themselves.

Send us an e-mail with your reading recommendations.