MEP Samira Rafaela visits Kennemerwaard Library

On Friday 2 August, newly elected Member of European Parliament (MEP) Samira Rafaela paid a visit on behalf of Dutch political party D66 to the Kennemerwaard Library in Alkmaar.

Library staff talked to her about what the work of a library entails today – which is no longer limited to lending books but includes a whole range of services for the local community.

Discussions revolved around the role of the library in education, preventing low literacy, promoting digital literacy and fighting loneliness – all important issues not only in the Netherlands but across Europe. Ms. Rafaela reiterated that for her, libraries are an important pillar for inclusion in society. In her opinion, it’s important to spread the word about the potential impact of libraries in the social domain and in support of education, in addition to activities for culture.

Kennemerwaard Library will be partnering with CoderDojo as an exhibitor at Generation Code: Born at the Library, taking place at the European Parliament in Brussels on 8 October 2019. Registrations are open online until 13 September!

See original blog post by Erna Winters, Director of the Kennemerwaard Library, here (in Dutch).