On January 26, Valmiera Joint Library hosted the presentation of the new book by Artis Pabriks, a member of the European Parliament (and MEP Library Lover): the cultural history essay “Hirschenhof’s story” (“Hiršenhofas stāsts. Kultūrvēsturiska eseja”).

The essay examines the existence of the Baltic German peasant colony in Hirschenhof between 1766 and 1939. Since Artis Pabriks’s roots are found in Hirschenhof, the essay includes a personal string: the memories of the contemporaries, life stories and photographs.

The essay by Artis Pabriks is in line with the theme of this year: The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 is a unique occasion to discover the richness of our shared heritage and to strengthen a sense of European identity.

Does our knowledge of the past give us a sense of roots in which to look for strength and confidence in the future as free people?  The author himself admits: “This is my contribution to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Latvia and a symbolic gift in the hundredth year of our country. Thank you for your warm welcome and for the interest in hearing the story of Hirschenhof”.

With thanks to Valmiera Public Library; see original article here.