CULT Members of the European Parliament visit DOKK1 Library, Aarhus

As part of three day mission to learn about the activities of the European Capital of Culture in Aarhus, Denmark, a delegation from the committee of Culture and Education of the European Parliament visited Dokk1, the acclaimed new library in Aarhus, Denmark. The features of the library building is based on a philosophy carrying the notion of free, open and multifunctional spaces, focused on supporting human beings to learn, interact, play, read, study and dwell. The digital development and the fact that more and more digital technology is moderating interaction between people has made the societal need for building social capital and trust increasingly necessary. Under this impression, Dokk1 has been developing new formats for human interaction forming partnerships with a multitude of actors from civic society and public sector in creating all kind of relevant events and programs to promote lifelong learning and cultural experience for the public. Dokk1 is internationally renowned for its many innovative solutions and received the prestigious award ‘library of the year 2016’ at the World Library and Information Congress in Columbus, Ohio. The members of the CULT delegation were very appreciative of the new approach to what a contemporary library could be in a digitized society as demonstrated by Dokk1.

 City archivist