Member of European Parliament visits Utrecht library

MEP Library Lover Esther de Lange visits Utrecht library

This (2)On April 18 MEP Library Lover Esther de Lange visited Utrecht public library to discover more about the changing role of public libraries and the links between them and EU goals and policies.

Utrecht is the city with the closest library network in the Netherlands: every resident of the city lives no less than 1.5 km from a public library. Every year there are 1.3 million visitors and 70,000 subscribers to libraries in Utrecht.

The Utrecht library is open to everyone, but it focuses specifically on the most difficult social groups. Among the various activities that the library proposes there are programmes to learn coding, web apps and games development, special courses for people with low literacy, job seekers or seniors that lack digital skills, to name just a few.

The Utrecht library has also a special link with the EU, since it hosts a Europe Direct office. The librarians answer any questions citizens may about the EU. As stated by Esther de Lange at the end of her visit, the Utrecht Public Library is a brilliant example of the way Europe and institutions can work together. Europe is not a ‘piggy bank’. It is important to inform each other, to work together and to learn from one another.

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