Member of European Parliament visits Public Library of Oeiras

MEP Library Lover Ana Gomes visits library in Oeiras

GomesOn March 24, the second session of the Prohibited Books project was held at the public library of Oeiras (Portugal). The Lover by Marguerite Duras – one of her most famous and most controversial books, was presented by the MEP Library Lover and passionate reader Ana Gomes MEP.

The Lover is one of the most translated French contemporary books, despite the fact that it is still forbidden and censored in many countries to date. MEP Ana Gomes talked about cultural barriers, freedom, power and identities, providing a fine analysis of this autobiographical work that deconstructs the conventional literary vision of fragile female characters, depicting a powerful and dominant woman.

Gomes - o amante

Photos were taken from the Oeiras Public Library Facebook page. To see more, click here.