24/04 at De Krook Library, Ghent

Visit to the new Library of Ghent

dekrook-gebouwApril 24; 15:00 – 17:00
De Krook Library, Gent

We wanted to give you the chance to experience first-hand the exciting interactive spaces for learning in today’s public libraries, we have therefore organised for you a guided visit of the brand new Ghent “Urban Library of the Future and Centre for New Media”, also a magnificent cutting-edge building designed by UNStudio.

The Krook district is a large area in the center of Ghent that has been forgotten for over decades. The area is very close to the current library, to the university area and to the historical city center of Ghent. Ghent city policy makers decided over a decade ago to invest in this area and to turn it into a prestigious urban development project with a focus on knowledge economy. The project consists of the construction of a new building, the renovation of a classified circus and the development of new squares and bridges for pedestrians and cyclists. The library of Ghent is the biggest and most visible partners of the new building.  That building will open its doors on March 10th.

De Krook is a new breeding ground for socially supported innovation that brings together culture, knowledge and research. It aims to be a pioneer of digital innovation by researching, developing and supporting. The library will become the interface for the researchers through which they will communicate and interact with the visitors. What is a smart city without smart citizens? After all, it is the people in the city that drive forward innovation. And vice versa, the library will profit of the digital knowhow and tune her operational processes to the future.

All MEPs and European Parliament staff are welcome – please RSVP to sara@readingandwriting.eu to confirm your attendance.